The architectural firm deals with architectural projects both small-scale and large-scale. What unites the projects is the constant rational research aimed at defining areas on a human scale.
The constant and careful project design lets itself be contaminated, as if the project designer were merely an operator who interacts between the Italian and International culture with its continuous and mutual meeting.
This research is based on architectural and dynamic volumes, where man-made buildings and natural spaces come together, and the line between inside and outside disappears.
Architecture tries to reinterpret the rule of the location, and by using compositional principles it creates volumes and spaces where people can interact.
This is the reason behind the existence of a constant reflection between inside and outside, mass and lightness. This thinking leads back to the duality of the Tuscan space which is always set on the comparison between solid outdoor fronts and light indoor spaces.


In order to enhance architecture it is necessary to be able to place adequate projectual proposals to choose from, whether it concerns public or private contests.
The contest's dynamic motivates the participants to give their best and the high quality of the proposals favors the project.
The competition is an important moment for every professional because it represents an opportunity to discuss a common theme - urbanistic or architectural - with the other architects.
For our firm, the contests represent a research opportunity, a chance, a need, a requirement.


The landscape is one of the most important aspects studied by the firm, similarly characterized by fluid volumes, volumes in motion. All of this is possible because the firm is increasingly relying on the immense possibilities available thanks to the parametric modelling computer that allow the designing of new Architectural Compositions. What emerges from this is a strong expression of the volumes connected to the project's location and not a formal abstraction. It's a study of volume interactions that explores new possibilities for geometrical interconnections and dynamic sculpture at various scales, from urban to architectural.


The listed buildings are meant to illustrate some projects to highlight the “design approach” on afresh or re-used works. Curiosity is a key element for every project: it is necessary to be curious to learn how to design and build. Curiosity is a mechanism by which research can be developed and experimentation can be conducted; these principles are indivisible and connected to one another, especially now that architecture has reached an incredibly high level of intrinsic complexity. Architecture must be linked to the time we are living in and we can not ignore the world of construction's technological innovations. Architecture is like a series of words that need to be put together in a sorted and complete way for them to have a meaning. Consequently, architectonic design should not be a pure mental exercise, but something that finds its definition in the realization; therefore, research becomes essential to define spaces and volumes where human beings interact and live in the best welfare conditions by using technologically advanced solutions.


The interior defines spaces on a smaller scale compared to architecture, however, it is not less important and it needs to work, that is it needs to fulfill its duties by satisfying the demands of the building's design. This concept is the foundation without which creativity remains an abstract pursuit and becomes just a process that distances us from reality and real needs. “Spaces need to be livable” is the origin of the search for an interior where we can live and work in the best welfare and comfort conditions.


In our firm, the design is seen as set of various artistic processes that connect invention, style and production, where there is awareness of the present and of the ability to imagine the future. The design tries to solve the problems in all the areas where human beings interact and doing this means having a critic and watchful eye for the idea, starting from the project, going through the production and ending with the distribution. The entire process interfaces with industry, economy, marketing and psychology.