Canada Toronto 2014

The project comes from the need to reorganize an area located in the northeast corner of Jane Street and Finch Avenue in Ward 8 in Toronto, Ontario. It is a space with no road access that is part of a residential area characterized by the presence of three variable-geometry towers and by a building with a plate layout (horizontally-developed).
The firm proposes to solve a series of problems that are currently limiting the optimization of the space. It is evident that the green surface and the overlooking buildings may be enhanced more efficiently. At present, the area is occupied by poorly inserted, articulated parking lots and green areas and it lacks an adequate urban design. Therefore, it is necessary to intervene in order to enhance the paths and the connection system that the location can generate.

Pier Marco Filippi
Competition Entry
International Urban Design
Guido Bondielli Architects, Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Francesco Casile, Nicola Andreozzi, Giovanni Cuciniello, Stefano Bozzarelli

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