Italy Massa 2018

Pomario Ducale is a large and currently unused green space located near the heart of Massa's historical centre; thanks to an appropriate intervention, Pomario Ducale is going to bring ecological-environmental balance to the adjacent urban fabric, characterized by a high population density along the lot's perimeter.
The design approach aims to look at the park as if it were an extension of the urban fabric thanks to a connection of three-dimensional paths, born from the conception of space in a contemporary key that is very disconnected from the classic concept of park.
The goal is to “refound” an unused space of the city near the historical centre, so that it meets the needs of the resident population; furthermore, the goal is to take this “void” and make it into an urban park connected to other places of the city.
The new project needs to be seen as a centre of attention dedicated to the citizens, a place where activities for all age groups can coexist and cohabit. This project is designed for the younger generations, but also for families and the elderly, in a context that connects public and cultural events, entertainment and sports that can merge with everyday life.
The selected area, Pomario Ducale, currently identifiable as a neat urban border, is going to become the new main spot of the city, the new meeting place for the town life, a kind of “passage portal” in the historical centre's surroundings. As a result, the new park will take on the role of cultural access and town's promoter, but also act as the starting point of the naturalistic, educational and sporting path.

Urban Design
Guido Bondielli Architects, Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Francesco Casile, Francesco Rappelli, Matteo Sanzeni, Francesco Quadrella, Filippo Prodi, Micaela Podestà, Stefano Bozzarelli