Italy Lucca 2022

The analysis of the place, characterized by the green space behind the front road, suggested both the internal distribution and the study of the volume. We immediately perceived that the residential part should make use of the green area as a strong element of the new construction. Therefore, thanks also to the client's input, it was decided to define a housing unit due to the sum of the two apartments located at the back forming part of the ground floor and first floor.
The new home features several strong elements:
- The internal space,
it is divided into a living area on the ground floor and a sleeping area on the first floor. The ground floor is characterized by continuous spaces where the various destinations can easily be reached, often not hindered by doors, inserted only in key points such as services and emphasized by important openings towards the outside.
- The vertical path,
as the compositional and distribution fulcrum of the internal space.
In fact, the staircase conceived in the center of the apartment, developing along the spine axis of the load-bearing wall, becomes the pivot where all the functions are articulated from the living room to the dining area and the service.
- Continuity between inside and outside
thanks to the use of large openings, a continuum is created between inside and outside, where the built space merges with the green space.
- The facade,
it becomes a three-dimensional surface, thanks to inclined planes that create articulations and scans as in a sculpted solid volume.
- External space,
in the new architectural concept the garden takes on its real value (which had previously been lost), as an extension of the home.

Preliminary Proposal
Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Marco Lombardini, Francesco Rappelli, Natalia Tonini, Micaela Podestà, Plinio Tammaro

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