Italy Lucca 2018

The study concerns the restyling of a house located near the coast. The building has a square layout and it is located in a rectangular lot with room for a dependance. The house dated to the 1950s has a classic design with its entrance, living room, kitchen, bathroom and two rooms on the opposite side of the living room. The front appears degraded, covered with various materials with some plastered and painted parts and others covered in facing brick.
The new solution respects the client’’s requests, but also enhances the building’’s design, that takes inspiration from the location. This choice comes from the wish of favouring a bigger connection between the house’’s indoor and the garden’’s outdoor, that creates a more open and dynamic space and moves away from the old concept of immobility. Consequently, in this new design the living room is in direct contact with the kitchen space and finds its continuity with the backspace outdoor. This designing allows to utilize the garden (Viareggio side) as if it were an extension of the house, whereas before the backspace could be entered only from two very narrow paths located facing either the sea or the mountain, but never in direct contact with the building.
The outdoor area has minimal finishes: white front and big, full-height openings for stained-glass windows and wooden doors.

Guido Bondielli Architects,Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Francesco Casile, Francesco Rappelli, Francesco Quadrella, Enrico Balducci, Ing. Giuseppe Giusti, Micaela Podestà
Private Residential
In Progress
Studio DIM