China Hangzhou 2013

The Hangzhou masterplan stems from the need to redesign a local firm's project that was based on the classic concept of road distribution.
The new concept is preceded by the location's analysis and the location itself organizes the distribution guidelines into a fluid and organic compound, interacting with the buildings dislocated inside the lot. The architectural language - that aims to realize a moving design - continues inside the green spaces, where strips of land move at different heights and make the areas change again and again. The concept comes from the simple idea of integrating the inclined, striped planes coming from the movement of the water that influences the location thanks to the presence of the lapping river. The planes are dislocated at variable heights and they are planimetrically sinuous, like water; all this is made possible by the form's monitoring complexity, which is now easier thanks to parametric design programmes.

Guido Bondielli Architects, Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Gaetano Nardini, Stefano Trovato, Francesco Casile, Nicola Andreozzi, Francesco Rappelli, Andy Chen, Stefano Bozzarelli
In Progress
Hangzhou Landscape
Studio DIM