Italia Massa 2021

The commercial service object of study is located in a peripheral area in the south-west of Massa a short distance from the coast. Built about 40 years ago, when it was decided to move the campsites that were in the pine forest near the beach, it now finds a strong state of architectural degradation caused by the protracted years of ordinary maintenance. Some commercial activity resists indefatigable and on, but the light is dim, not more lively, rather isolated and weak; even in the most animated evenings, Sadly everything is extinguished and rather than meeting point a vacuum is created that becomes wounded for the territory and underlines even more the presence of abandoned activities. What remains unchanged, almost indifferent to what happens below, is the tall green above the crown of pine trees almost disdainful and untouched by the abandoned urban. The pines remain present to be enjoyed by the few who look up and look for the beauty of the place.Here is the idea that led to think of an elevated path to reach something very valuable: "the green", to allow everyone to breathe, otherwise unexplored elevated places. A high-altitude passage that unites like a square those who sell in the stands below and those who visit and immerse themselves in the green. A ramp, protagonist goes down, touches the ground and invites anyone who loves to be in the green and among people. The project has in itself an additional and valuable message for the nearby structures of international renown for the rehabilitation of genetic or accidental disabilities, in fact our coast is often frequented by tourists with different abilities. The idea shows a space equipped and organized with a fluid path that crosses it and allows the meeting of operators and visitors; it proposes a modern, contemporary, spectacular appearance, for what it captures the landscape. A center that lives on light, color, green, exchange, relax and movement.

Competition Entry
Urban Design, Market
Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Elisa Ustioni, Giacomo Del Bergiolo, Giuseppe Giusti, Marco Lombardini, Matteo Sanzeni, Micaela Podestà, Natalia Tonini, Plinio Tammaro, Francesco Rappelli, Simona Del Freo, Simone Tonarelli
Marco Lombardini