Italia Massa 2021

The inspiration for the architectural composition comes from the analysis of the place and the morphology of the Apuan area, as a territory characterized by the proximity of the mountains and the sea. A unique and evocative condition, where the skyline of the mountains is combined with the sinuous motion of the sea. From this concept takes shape a simple volume in plan but articulated in elevation that reminds at times the profile of the mountains and at times becomes a more fluid surface like the sea, with a completely green space on top, viable and livable focused on sustainability and landscape compatibility.
In this sense, the roof becomes an integral part of the fabric of the city, a museum building that has modern and contemporary interior and exterior spaces that allow the exhibition of artistic works. A garden-building appears which emphasizes the continuity of the green, from the garden at an altitude of +0.00 to the sinuosity of the roof. This solution finds its conception not only in a choice of landscape type, which requires attention to the impact in the insertion of the new volume in the surrounding urban fabric, but that combines the desire to offer an opportunity to visitors to enjoy the spaces in an unconventional way. The result is a land-art project made of green surfaces and large windows, where indoor and outdoor reception spaces are articulated, where there is no boundary between closed and open, where the permeability of movement and light are maximum. S proposes a new concept of museum that is respectfully integrated in the built, opening to leave glimpses that inspire and invoke the curiosity of passers-by to venture inside. Massa has significant collections of established artists and not, thanks to the presence of the School of Art Felice Palma, such that they can document the art of generations of the past but also give the opportunity to young artists to exhibit their art both sculptural and figurative. Therefore the museum in our project, is no longer simply the place where to exhibit the works of art, but becomes the fusion of a whole series of functions and services.

Competition Entry
Museum, Multifunctional Center
Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Elisa Ustioni, Giacomo Del Bergiolo, Giuseppe Giusti, Marco Lombardini, Matteo Sanzeni, Micaela Podestà, Natalia Tonini, Plinio Tammaro, Francesco Rappelli, Simona Del Freo, Simone Tonarelli
Marco Lombardini