China Foshan 2018

The study focused on finding a technical solution - such as an envelope - that would prevent from modifying the existing openings and that would identify a highly expressive system at the same time.
The project includes the restyling of the headquarters of the Daugres company's fronts; the company produces ceramic panels and it is located in Foshan (China). The restyling of the front’s theme comes from the need to have a modern envelope that could exhibit the products of the company and express its communicative language at the same time.
The project comes from different directives; on one side, we identified the material, and on the other we used a dynamic composition characterized by two systems, that is to say parts divided into pixels realized with 40cm x 120cm panels, that are able to conceal the repetitiveness of the ribbon windows and parts of panels placed with a random angular movement coming from the analysis of a wicker basket pattern.
The pattern has a double value because on one side it highlights the front's three-dimensionality, and on the other it allows the light's entrance as if it were a sunscreen.
Therefore, this created a dynamic front covered with a ceramic material with a low volume and two hues: the low part is multicolored and highlights a basic chromatism, whereas the other floors are covered with pale panels.

Guido Bondielli Architects, Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Stefano Bozzarelli, Matteo Sanzeni, Marco Lombardini, Francesco Rappelli, Alessandra Vezzi, Gabriele Tori, Francesco Casile
In Progress
Studio DIM