China Hangzhou 2020

The concept arose from the analysis of several aspects:
- customer requirements
- morphology of the volumes
- creation of a dynamic complex
- creation of an artistic / museum space
The concept is based on a dialogue of geometries, aimed at creating a rhythm of parametric spatiality, molded on functional and ergonomic considerations.
The combination of these distinct design elements defines the different areas of the space. The showroom does not want to be a simple exhibition space, but also constitutes a meeting point, a place to organize exhibitions, events and seminars.
The project is aimed at a twofold aspect, on the one hand it concerns the restyling of the facade and, on the other, the definition of the interior spaces.
As far as the exterior is concerned, the current state was reread highlighting the nature of the building with the pitched roof, eliminating the bands at the top and creating two fully open facades on the two opposite sides (entrance and rear), all to create greater relationship between inside and outside.
The internal space is divided into three levels, on the first-floor showrooms and various services, on the second-floor showrooms and offices on the third-floor relaxation area.
Internally the space is conceived as a museum area where there is a main entrance highlighted by sinuous blades to strengthen the internal path in addition to the presence of the entrance.
The main path is characterized by sinuous sculptural walls that create a scenography effect, a place where a ceramic museum is located and at the same time dividing the entire surface into two areas.
On the left side when entering, there are 2 levels of showrooms areas, while on the right side there is on the first floor a bar and theater space, on the second floor the various offices and meeting rooms all connected by two vertical paths arranged in opposite areas and connected by two bridges positioned at high altitude.

Guido Bondielli Architects, Guido Giacomo Bondielli, Andy Chen, Marco Lombardini, Francesco Rappelli, Alessandra Vezzi, Micaela Podestà, Stefano Bozzarelli
Showroom & Offices
In Progress